Symposium Scientific Program


SHE Superheavy Elements
FFD Fusion Fission Dynamics
PEN Physics of Exotic Nuclei
NAP Nuclear Astrophysics
FSS First and Second generation Stars
LHC Large Hadron Collider
E²CR Extreme Energy Cosmic Rays

Session for Special Abstracts

Special abstracts will be rewarded by financial support (25,000 yen) and presented orally in Day1 (Monday, Nov. 16) and as posters in Day 2 (Tuesday, Nov. 17), Day 4 (Thursday, Nov. 19), or Day 5 (Friday, Nov. 20) of Tours Symposium. The Day 1 will be held at the HIRAO Seminar House of Konan University. Young as well as senior scientists are encouraged to submit one-page special abstracts in a free format to by the end of September.

List of contriutions.