NOVEMBER 16 - 20, 2009, KOBE, JAPAN


Kobe Harbor cruise to Akashi Bridge (World longest suspension bridge).

Deadline Extended

August 2009

The deadline of abstracts for all topics except for NAP is extended to September 30.

Call for special abstracts

August 2009

Special abstracts will be rewarded by financial support (25,000 yen) and presented orally in Day1 (Monday, Nov. 16) and as posters in Day 2 (Tuesday, Nov. 17), Day 4 (Thursday, Nov. 19), or Day 5 (Friday, Nov. 20) of Tours Symposium. The Day 1 will be held at the HIRAO Seminar House of Konan University. Young as well as senior scientists are encouraged to submit one-page special abstracts in a free format to by the end of September. Please notify us at the time of submission that you are submitting a special abstract.

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Second Circular

June 2009

Dear colleages:
In this second circular of the 7th Tours Symposium in Kobe, we encourage abstract submission & on-line registration and provide information on the proceeding, registration fee, and updated schedule.
Please visit our web site for updated information from time to time.

  1. Abstract submission
    We call for abstracts for the following topics:
    • PEN (physics of exotic nuclei)
    • NAP (nuclear astrophysics)
    • FSS (first and second generation stars)
    • SHE (super-heavy elements)
    • FFD (fusion fission dynamics)
    • E2CR (extreme energy cosmic rays)
    • LHC (large hadron collider) + QGP (quark gluon plasma)

    Abstracts (1 page, self-explanatory, written in English in a free format) should be submitted to in a pdf file.
    The topics in abbreviation (PEN, NAP, ..., LHC&QGP) should be clearly indicated in abstracts.
    Oral and poster presentations are chosen from abstracts. The deadline for abstract submission is August 31, 2009.
  2. On-line registration We start on-line registration in the web site. The deadline is August 31, 2009.
  3. Proceedings All papers presented either orally or as posters are included in the proceedings which is published from the American Institute of Physics as AIP conference proceedings. Details are given later.
  4. Registration fee 25,000 yen (in cash) The registration fee is collected for the proceedings, banquet, and coffee break.
  5. Schedule The schedule of Tours Symposium is updated in the web site.
Please feel free to ask any questions.
We look forward to receiving your contributions to the 7th Tours Symposium in Kobe.

Yours sincerely,
Hidetoshi Akimune Hajime Susa Hiroaki Utsunomiya
Scientific Secretary Scientific Secretary Chairman

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First Circular

April 2009

Dear colleages:

We are pleased to announce that the 7th Tours Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics will be held in Kobe, Japan, November 17 - 20, 2009.
The series of Tours Symposium on Nuclear Physics began in 1991 and have been organized every three years up to the 6th meeting in 2006 in Tours, France. The 7th meeting will be held in Kobe, Japan, for the first time in the series, with inclusion of new topics in nuclear physics and astrophysics.

The 7th symposium is hosted by Konan University, in partnership with GANIL, GSI, ULB, and RIKEN. This symposium is supported by the French-Japanese International Associated Laboratory (LIA) for Nuclear Structure Problems.
Potential contributors are advised to visit our web page:, where details are given and will be updated step by step.

PEN: physics of exotic nuclei
SHE: superheavy elements
FFD: fusion fission dynamics
NAP: nuclear astrophysics
FSS: first and second generation stars
E2CR: extreme energy cosmic rays
LHC: large hadron collider

International Programme Committee
M. Arnould (ULB), A. Coc (Orsay), A. Ferrara (SISSA), S. Gales (GANIL),
M. Haguenauer (E. Polytech), S. Harissopulos (Athen), S. Hofmann (GSI),
H. Ikezoe (JAEA), T. Kajino (NAOJ), S. Kubono (CNS-Tokyo), K. Morita (RIKEN),
T. Motobayashi (RIKEN), K. Ohmukai(NAOJ), Yu.Ts. Oganessian (Dubna),
K. Sato(Tokyo-IPMU), C. Scheidenberger (GSI), R. Schneider (Arcetri),
M. Teshima (MPI-Munich), M. Umemura(Tuskuba)

Local Organizing Committee
H. Akimune, F. Kajino, Y. Muraki, M. Ohta, H. Sato, H. Susa, N. Tominaga,
H. Utsunomiya, T. Yamagata, T. Yomamoto

Dr. Akimune or Dr. Susa
Scientific Secretary
Department of Physics, Konan University,
8-9-1 Okamoto, Higashinada,
Kobe 658-8501
fax: +81-78-435-2539

We look forward to seeing you in Kobe in mid-November, a best season in Japan.

Yours sincerely,
Hiroaki Utsunomiya